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At Mountain Area Recommended Contractors LLC, we would love to help you with your next home project! We're dedicated to our customers and will work hard to exceed your expectations. You'll enjoy a worry-free experience with professional contractors who offer a wide range of services for new home products, repairs and maintenance.
We've been in business for decades and are a Home Depot Certified Pro. Our experience gives us many skills and talents that can be applied to the care and upkeep of your property. We offer a long list of services for your property. Plus, we work hard at a competitive price for many exterior home services you may require throughout the year.
Our property services include roofing, staining, painting, hardscaping, tree trimming and other landscaping services. If you have an additional service you'd like to be done on your property, just talk with us. We can assess your needs and tell you exactly what our services will cover. With many decades in the business, you can be sure that we have the experience and dedication to take care of many of your home improvement needs.
Our company is licensed and insured sub-contractors. We are members of the Home Builders Association of Georgia.
We employ dedicated professionals with deep experience and the highest respect for our customers.
If you're interested in learning more about our company, we're happy to speak with you further. Just contact us. We can provide you with a free estimate on your home improvement service.
Let us know what you'd like. We try our hardest to keep our customers satisfied and our projects looking great.

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The Roofing Company

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12345 Locallighthouse Lane
Orange County, Ca 92685

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Mon-Fri 9:00am - 5:00pm