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Our company has built a solid reputation in painting and staining for the home. We make attractive results for home exteriors that leave customers extremely satisfied. Mountain Area Recommended Contractors LLC is the best choice for home painting and staining services in Blue Ridge, GA.
We specialize in homes made of wooden materials that benefit from beautiful, long lasting stains. Our home exterior staining is one of our most requested services.  We let the beauty of natural wood shine through, as we apply quality stains with dedicated and careful attention to detail.
If you have a deck on the exterior of your home, we can help you to maintain its beauty and durability. We can offer regular maintenance in the form of deck pressure washing on a seasonal basis. When needed, we offer deck staining for new and refinished deck wood. Our care helps to replenish the look of the wood and make it last through the seasons.
If you have other wood finishes that require maintenance and upkeep, ask us to provide you with a quote for staining and finishes. We are often asked to complete jobs for fence staining, along with the maintenance of other wood structures on a property. We attract repeat business through our services because our customers are extremely satisfied with the results.
We also offer log repair for your home. Before staining, we can provide you with any repairs that will aid in extending the life and quality of your property. Our repairs are completed with quality care, so that you won't have to worry about reoccurring issues.
We have offered high quality, reliable painting, staining and log repair services for many years. If you would like to schedule our professional services for your home, please contact our office. We're ready to prepare a free estimate for you.

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